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Better Nutrition Journal Review

It seems like every year weight loss always ranks as one of the more popular New Year’s resolutions. Making some lifestyle changes so that we not only look good, but also feel good, is much easier said than done. Fortunately, the Bellevue University Library has a good resource to get you on track and to start working on your New Year’s resolution. You will be pleased to know that the Bellevue University Library subscribes to a great journal titled Better Nutrition.

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Texas Independence Day

Texas, currently known for being the second largest U.S. state has been a region sought out by many different countries throughout its history.  In fact, Texas has been claimed by six nations.  As early as the 16th century, Spanish explorers mapped the coastline of Texas and claimed the land for Spain. In the late 17th century, France claimed the region and established Fort St. Louis in 1685. Then Spain took the area back from France and later in 1821, Mexico gained its independence from Spain and claimed Texas as part of its territory. Due to American colonial Samuel Austin arriving with around 300 families, Texas began to grow rapidly. After some back and forth between Mexico and the colonials, the Texans declared their independence from Mexico on March 2, 1836. However, Texans remained vulnerable to attacks from Mexico. On December 29, 1845, Sam Houston convinced colonial leaders to join the United States and in doing so, Texas was admitted as the 28th state. Continue reading

National Pizza Day

Pizza has been around since the 10th century and in the United States since 1905.  Since then, pizza consumption in America has increased greatly and many pizza chains have emerged. Pizza has become so popular that every year on February 9th is National Pizza Day.  The origin of National Pizza Day is not well understood, although accounts of National Pizza Day began to emerge around the 2000s.

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Kansas Day


On January 29th of every year, residents of Kansas celebrate their state’s birthday. That’s right – Kansas was the 34th state to enter the Union on January 29, 1861.


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International Cheetah Day December 4th

One of the most fascinating, incredible land animals on the threat of extinction is the cheetah.  Cheetahs are amazing hunters, using exceptionally keen eyesight to scan their grassland environment for signs of prey. However, a cheetah’s best asset is its speed. In fact, they are the fastest land animal, accelerating from 0-75 mph in a mere three seconds.  Their full running speed is so fast that their feet rarely touch the ground. Their muscular tail even plays a crucial role in hunting by helping to steer them like a rudder at these high speeds.

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National Recycling Day November 15th

National Recycle Day (also known as America Recycles Day) is a holiday created by the National Recycling Coalition in 1997.  It falls on November 15th every year.  On this day, people are encouraged to spread the word about the benefits of recycling and to practice recycling themselves.  The President of the United States usually issues a Presidential Proclamation recognizing this day and encourages communities to commit to the act of recycling.  In 2009, this holiday became an integral part of the Keep America Beautiful Campaign.  Today, there are many events across the entire United States to raise awareness about recycling and to encourage people to recycle on a regular basis.

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National Meatloaf Day October 18th

Now that we are into the fall weather with chilly temperatures, it seems appropriate to mention that every year on October 18th is National Meatloaf Appreciation Day. This bizarre observance is a relatively new holiday, which was created in 2018 by “Serious Eats.”  There is no documentation confirming National Meatloaf Appreciation Day as a “National” Day. And there is no presidential proclamation or congressional records either.

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Expanding Library Instruction for Student Athletes: A Real Game-Changer

Reference Librarian, Lorraine Patrick, recognizes that information literacy and outreach to the campus community is essential to remaining relevant in a dynamic learning environment. Due to Lorraine’s student-centered thinking and ingenuity, one of her SMART goals for 2019-2020 was to collaborate with an athletic coach to offer two engaged library learning activities for an athletic team.

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Coronavirus Research Database Review

To keep the Bellevue University community informed of the first influenza pandemic of the 21st century, the Bellevue University Library recently added a new ProQuest database titled, “The Coronavirus Research Database” to the list of Library Databases.  This timely resource includes ongoing coverage of the most urgent Coronavirus news, as well as open-access to research articles, conference proceedings, and dissertations from the world’s trusted leading publishers.

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Cheer Up the Lonely Day

The COVID-19 outbreak has clearly prevented individuals from visiting friends, family and neighbors as often as they once had.  As a result, many individuals have experienced loneliness due to the social distancing guidelines, as well as the limited options for socializing.  Persons who are shut-in, in nursing homes or with no relatives or friends to look in on them may be particularly vulnerable and, consequently, begin feeling lonely, sad and depressed.  Lonely people have few friends and loved ones.  They may be elderly or see people on an infrequent basis. Continue reading