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National Military Appreciation Month

Military HumorIts May- spring has sprung and celebrations abound with Flowers, Mothers, and Graduates. There is another set of individuals for whom we should give our thanks and celebrate – our brothers and sisters in the armed forces. THAT’S RIGHT, AMERICA! IT’S NATIONAL MILITARY APPRECIATION MONTH! So, please, thank a service-person for their dedication with something extra special. Here in the library, we celebrate with books! Click more to read on!


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International Jazz Day


Last year I made a post for Jazz Appreciation Month that held a few great, relatively unknown Jazz albums that I thought needed to be brought out from behind their proverbial bushel.  This year, I wanted to celebrate International Jazz Day, which is April 30th by the way, by offering some great documentaries on Jazz that we have through our streaming services here at BU. Click past the break for more!  Continue reading

Collection Mapping

Collection MappingAt the Freeman Lozier Library, we always strive to bring you the absolute best materials for your area of study.  In an attempt to locate new and engaging materials for your research, the Technical Services Department has been slowly developing a new method to streamline how your professors make selections for their respective departments. Continue reading



It’s March 14th, or 3.14 / π (Pi) day! That’s right; it’s the celebration of everyone’s favorite circumference over diameter! Seriously though, it’s really just an excuse to recognize the fact that the date shares the first three digits of the never-ending number of Pi and to eat pieces of pie outside of the general holidays.

In a bit of a switch from the general celebration of mathematics for the day, I thought I would highlight some of our materials about a relatively new, cheap Linux-based computer: the Raspberry Pi! You might have heard of it for making home arcade machines or for programming classes. If you want to know more, or are interested in what you can do with a Raspberry Pi, head inside to find out more! Continue reading

Black History Month


Here at the Bellevue University Freeman Lozier Library, we want to celebrate Black History Month by highlighting some of our collection that was written by or is about some of history’s greatest black heroes. Read on for more! Continue reading

National Hobby Month


Welcome to the month in which we celebrate the things we do in between work and sleep. That’s right, it’s National Hobby Month! Not everyone has the time or energy for a formal hobby, but everyone has a hobby of some kind – watching television, reading, walking, cooking, etc. If you are looking to understand WHY these are important then click past the block for more! Continue reading

Bill of Rights Day 2016


While I know that this time of year can be very busy for all of us, we should take a moment and appreciate the freedoms that we afforded to us by our governmental Bill of Rights. THAT’S RIGHT! It’s National Bill of Rights Day! It may not be recognized by your local bank, but Bill of Rights Day is incredibly important: too often today people seem to forget their rights as citizens afforded to them by our government.

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Judging Books by Their Cover

booksSo, when you walk into a bookstore, what is the first thing that you notice when looking for a new book? Is it the size of the book? Perhaps it is the title or author? Or (let us get real here), is it the cover of the book? I think you and I both know the answer to that question; the cover. Continue reading

1001 films you should see before you die at BU Library

imag01942There are a series of books called “The 1001 _____ you should _____ before you die.” This can be movies, TV shows, books, songs, video games, etc.  Well, based on this wikia page, I wanted to see how many of these films that our students here at Bellevue University have access to through either our physical collection or our streaming collection. Below is our full list with links to each of the 300+ films that you have access to through our library collection. I know, right?! Who knew we had so many great films available? Continue reading