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ProQuest Health & Medical Collection

ProQuest Health & Medical Collection is an all-encompassing medical information resource for researchers, students, faculty, and healthcare professionals. Inside users will find biomedical content from MEDLINE®, the National Library of Medicine’s database, built on a core of premier scholarly journals in full text such as The New England Journal of MedicineThe Lancet, and The BMJ.

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Am I Courteous?

Can we agree that society as a whole seems to have grown rougher over the past decade or so? In an age when we—and our interactions—are increasingly digitized, anonymous, and remote, the tendency to become even more concerned with only ourselves has hit the roof.  Due to September being National Courtesy Month, I thought we all could use a self check-up to see if we remember how to show common courtesy in some basic ways.

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Mari Sandoz

Known for her harshly accurate portrayals of Nebraska life on the plains and in the city in the early twentieth century, Mari Sandoz is one of the state’s most cherished authors. Born in 1896 near Hay Springs in northwestern Nebraska, she used her experience on the family farm to inform her early works. Under her domineering father, Mari’s schooling and writing ambitions were neglected in favor of working on the farm and helping to raise her siblings. Despite never attending high school she was able to receive a rural teaching certificate. After a brief, turbulent marriage, she enrolled in the University of Nebraska in 1922 as a special adult student and began writing short stories for contests and newspapers.

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Relaxation As a Skill, Not a Reward

Everyone approaches relaxation in their own way: Some view having—and taking—the time to relax as their right, and something they prioritize. Others see it as something that must be earned, and is only taken after a particular amount of work, or certain tasks are accomplished (and no sooner). But what most approaches miss is that relaxing is actually a skill.

And like other skills, it’s one that needs to be learned and practiced on a regular basis. Here’s what to know about changing the way you think about relaxation.

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Happiness Happens in August

Happiness Happens Month is celebrated annually in August. It is dedicated to celebrating things that make you happy. It’s a known fact that happiness is contagious and sharing your happiness can bring a smile to someone’s face. The month reminds us that happiness can be found in even little things that we might not notice and that spreading the same joy amongst others can help make the world a better place.

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Plants That Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects

One of the things I dislike the most about summer is mosquitoes!  You see, when I get a bite it swells up and itches like I have chicken pox.  Since it is personally unbearable to receive one of these bites, you will rarely find me outdoors in the summer. Recently I discovered that there are natural insect repellents and now to find out that there are plants that actually repel pesky insects, I just had to share this wonderful news!

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Natural Insect Repellents

It’s that time of year when the bugs are out and biting.  If you want to enjoy your time outside and not worry about pesky insects or harmful chemicals you may be putting on yourself or your children, then you need to read this!  There are natural insect repellents that work.  Continue reading

Flower Moon May


Get ready for some night time action this month!  May has two lunar occurances happening at about the same time.  A full moon will happen in the middle of the month.  A lunar eclipse will also take place at the same time.

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