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October is About More than Just Halloween

militaryOctober has a long history with the military. In 1346 Scottish forces were encouraged to attack the British in order to help France during the Hundred Years’ War. The Second Battle of Kosovo happened in 1448. Nine men were executed in 1660 for having signed the death warrant of Charles I. The men had participated in an attempted coup in 1649 and were sentenced once the monarchy was restored. Continue reading

Rio 2016 is finally here!

10710353_497823040380876_3390665697474674768_oOlympic Archery rounds and Football (Soccer for us Americans) matches are underway. Tomorrow the remaining sports will begin matches, games, races, bouts and so on.

The Olympics have a long history and one that we may not properly appreciate. Even the events have an important historical significance. Take the marathon for example. Continue reading