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Staff Recommendation “The Postmortal”


What we recommend: The Postmortal by Drew Magary

What it’s about: The Postmortal opens with John Farrell as he is about to receive “the cure,” a shot that prevents old age. The story follows John across the span of approximately 60 years and depicts his interactions with other postmortals, the nickname given to those who take the shot, and even features a love interest. All this takes place in the midst of an apocalyptic world filled with tension and even radical anti-cure groups. Continue reading

Staff Recommendation “Children of Blood and Bone”

What we recommend: Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

What it’s about:  Orïsha is inhabited by two distinct people: Diviners, who have the capability to become magical Maji and are marked by white hair, and non-magical Kosidán. Eleven years prior to the events of the book, the king ordered the slaying of all Maji, the destruction of all Diviner artifacts, and the subjugation of all Diviners to Kosidán rule.  Continue reading

Staff Recommendation “The Complete Keeper Chronicles”

What we recommend: The Complete Keeper Chronicles by Tanya Huff

What it’s about: The Complete Keeper Chronicles includes all three books in the series. It begins with Summon the Keeper, the first book in the trilogy, which follows the story of Claire who is a keeper- someone with the ability to close rifts in reality to maintain a balance between worlds. Continue reading

Black Art: In the Absence of Light


Black Art: In the Absence of Light is a documentary directed by Sam Pollard that was released on HBO during Black History Month. The primary focus of the documentary is the “Two Centuries of Black American Art” exhibition curated by David Driskell in 1976. Over the course of the film, numerous Black artists were interviewed and artwork from the original exhibition all the way up to today is showcased.

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Staff Recommendation “Exoplanets”

What we recommend: Exoplanets: Diamond Worlds, Super Earths, Pulsar Planets, and the New Search for Life beyond Our Solar System by Michael Summers and James Trefil

What it’s about: Exoplanets is a fantastic exploration of planets that exist outside our solar system. This is a very relevant topic in the science community as the ongoing search for life or life-sustaining planets continues. Summers and Trefil discuss many of the exoplanets that we know about and highlight planets such as one with diamond rainstorms and one encased entirely in ice that may yet hold life below the surface. For more incredible and almost too cool to be true scientific phenomenon, check out Exoplanets.

Why we recommend it: Though there are details in this book that sound like they have to be fake, it is simply full of true scientific discovery. Exoplanets is a great book for anyone interested in science, space, or even just looking to learn some new facts. As an audiobook, it makes for a perfect option for readers on the go as well.

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Nano Con: From Vision to Reality

Comic books are the bound collections of comic strips, which tell stories using illustrations and sequential panels. Popular since their debut in the 1930’s, comic books have gained fans of all ages around the world. The New York Comicon of 1964 is widely recognized as the first marketed, large scale comic convention. This particular comic con helped to pave the way for other large, recurring cons to form, many of which still occur today. The San Diego Comic Con is one of the largest in the world and even worked to find ways to continue to encourage fan activity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Staff Recommendation: “By the Pricking of My Thumbs”

What we recommend: By the Pricking of My Thumbs by Agatha Christie

What it’s about: This book is from Agatha Christie’s series that focuses on the characters Tommy and Tuppence. In By the Pricking of My Thumbs, we get to see the couple in their later years where they have both gone into retirement from their sleuthing and spying days. Tommy and Tuppence visit with an elderly aunt at her nursing home and have several strange interacting, such as the woman speaking about the body hidden behind a fireplace. On a return visit, it is revealed that the strange woman from before has disappeared and it sets them on the path of a spine-chilling mystery as they attempt to figure out what happened.

Why we recommend it: Agatha Christie writes incredible stories that are at once both cozy mysteries and serious crime-solving cases. Her books make it so that you don’t immediately figure out exactly what’s going on or whodunit and By the Pricking of My Thumbs is typical of her style in that respect. With its haunting title and spookier connotations, this story embraces the creepier aspects of the mystery genre. Though the book does revolve around main characters Christie has written for before, it is considered a stand-alone and does not require reading the other stories to understand and follow this book.

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