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Robin Bernstein Robin Bernstein, Senior Director, Library Services, has worked at the Bellevue University Library since 1978. After receiving her M.L.S. from Emporia State in 1994, she assumed the position of Library Director, and then in March 2009, she was promoted to her current position adding the management of the Learning Assessment Center to her responsibilities. Robin thoroughly enjoys her job, is extremely passionate about her work, and is strongly committed to providing the best quality service to all. In her spare time, Robin enjoys cross-stitching, , traveling, spending time with her family, and reading. Read Posts

Jaiden Maneman joined the Bellevue University Library team in September of 2021 and is a clerk at the Circulation Desk. She is a full time student; finishing her undergraduate degree in Communications at Bellevue University while working toward receiving a certificate for Publication Writing and Design through Metropolitan Community College. With a love for literature, Jaiden enjoys writing and reading with an underscore in poetry. Subjects that also interest her are philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. In her free time you can find her posting poetry content to her social media pages, listening to music on her record player, or playing with her dog.  Read Posts

Megan McIntosh is Bellevue University Library’s Access and Outreach Services Specialist. She began working in the library in September 2018.  She graduated from the University of Missouri with her Masters in Library and Information Science in 2018. Megan previously worked at the Bellevue Public Library, and loves the sense of community that the Midwest has to offer. In her free time, Megan enjoys scrapbooking, reading, walking her dog, and trying out new hobbies that stick for undetermined lengths of time.  Read Posts

DianeDiane Osborne has worked at the Bellevue University Library since July 1999, first as the Technical Services Assistant, then as the Serials Specialist, and currently as the Technical Services Specialist.  She is actively involved in the Wellbeing Council at Bellevue University from 2004-2012; 2017-present.  Her extended family has been on a Relay for Life American Cancer Society Team since 2008.  They have been in the top three fundraising teams for Pottawattamie County, Iowa for three years.  They have also won the spirit award many times.  She lives in Bellevue and has two 20+ year old boys, Trevor and Cody, and one adorable Siamese cat.  Her youngest boy joined the Army in Feb. 2018.  Read Posts

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Lorraine Patrick has been the Reference Services Librarian with Bellevue University since 2003 and is new to the blogging team.  She is originally from Charlottesville, Virginia and later moved to Knoxville, TN to pursue her career in Library Science.  She graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a Masters in Library Science and worked in Tennessee for several years before moving to Nebraska. She has a variety of interests and talents but her primary interests include: gardening, reading, playing her viola, spending time with her cats, exercising, going to church with her neighbor, and spending time with her family.  She looks forward to blogging for the Bellevue University Library on a wide variety of library-related topics.  Read Posts 

Sierra Whitfield is Bellevue University Library’s Scholarly Communications and Archives Administrator.  She is a recent graduate from Florida State University, obtained her B.S. in Spring 2018 in Criminology and Computer Science, and her Masters of Library and Information Science in Fall 2019. Prior to joining the Bellevue Library Team in 2020, she has worked at various types of libraries including public, academic, and makerspace libraries. She possesses a deep passion for culture, language, and history. Through archival work, she is able to protect and preserve memorabilia of the long (and not so long) forgotten past. To her, writing is an art form – a medium of creativity – one that she hopes to expand upon as she strives to become a published author and novelist. Her individual merriments are rather eclectic, but are more so inclined toward writing (of course), composing music, holistic health & wellbeing, and 80s vampire flicks. Read Posts

Kyle Williams has been an Acquisitions Specialist at the Bellevue University Library since January 2022. Born and raised in Omaha, he attended UNO where he received Bachelor’s degrees in English in 2017 and Library Sciences in 2021. His life revolves around books, music, film, and television. He does not think learning and entertainment are mutually exclusive and has fun learning and tries to learn from everything. Generally eschewing the popular for the weird, he enjoys areas such as transgressive fiction, transpersonal psychology, and integral theory; post-rock and industrial hip hop; and the works of David Lynch. When not consuming art and knowledge, he spends his time writing fiction and essays, creating music for guitar and synthesizer, and enjoying good food with good friends. Occasionally he’ll go outside.  Read Posts

Guest Authors

Sarah Alston, Reference Support Specialist since October 25, 2022. Read Posts

Chris Armstrong, Assistant Library Director 2002-2018, and Public Services Librarian 2018-November 2022. Read Posts

Mary Barrett, part-time Circulation Assistant from 2011-2016 and Reference Support Specialist 2016-June 2022. Read Posts

Brandi Bengtson, part-time Circulation Clerk since 2014 and Electronic Services Specialist- Web June 2018-July 2022.   Read Posts

Linda Black, Reference Support Specialist on staff from 2002 – 2016. Read Posts

Mike Boback, Reference Librarian and System Librarian on staff from 2012-2013. Read Posts

Katie Carlson,  Library clerk from September 2021-July 2022.  Read Posts

Billy Coghill, Library Systems Support Administrator since October 25, 2022. Read Posts.

Matthew Colbert, Reference Instruction Librarian since 2016-Feb. 2023. Read Posts

Rachael Davis, Manager of Academic Tutoring since 2005. Read Posts

Chrystal Dawson, Access Services Specialist and then Access Services Administrator from 2001-August 2018. Read Posts

Pam Fanelli, Technical Services Librarian from 2016-2019.  Read Posts

Carol Gottsch, previous Test Administrator Read Posts

Barbara Haney, Interlibrary Loan/Circulation Supervisor from 1994-2017.
Read Posts

Joel Hartung, Systems Librarian 2013-2018; Assistant Director, Library Systems 2018-present . Read Posts

Megan Heese, Library Media/Acquisition Specialist from 2017-2019. Read Posts

Alicia James, Circulation Clerk since December 2012.  Read Posts

Colin Kehm, Electronic Services Specialist from 2010-2020.  Read Posts

Casey Kralik, Technical Services Librarian from 2005-2015.  Read Posts

Linda Lawrence, previous Test Management Specialist Read Posts

Jacob Lee Technical Services Assistant from 2012-2017. Read Posts

Shelly Lee, Test Administrator Read Posts

Caitlin Lombardo, Circulation Aide from 2015-2017. Read Posts

Caitlin (Jude) Mazur, Circulation Clerk, since August 2022. Read Posts

Margie McCandless, Reference Support Specialist August 2004-Dec 2021.    Read Posts

Tyler Nordstrom, Reference Support Specialist from  July 25-Dec.1, 2022 and Public Services Librarian Dec.1, 2022 to present. Read Posts

Allie O’Connor, Document Delivery Specialist 2001- January 29, 2021.   Read Posts

Jessica Omer, Circulation Assistant since 2009-2022 and ILL/Circulation Supervisor 2023 to present.  Read Posts

Eric Saxon, Electronic Services Specialist-Web 2017-2018. Read Posts

Allison Schafer, Circulation Assistant since 2010.  Read Posts

Wendy Shirey, Manager, Test Center Read Posts

Pauline Stacchini, Reference/Instruction Librarian from March 2013-August 2014.
Read Posts

Sylvia Stevens, Reference Support Specialist from January – June 2022.  Read Posts

Emily Sutherland, Acquisitions Specialist since February 2023. Read Posts.

George Timmins, Circulation clerk from August 2019-September 2021. Read Posts

Kristin (Kit) Wells, Circulation Assistant from since August 2022. Read Posts

Haley Wert, Circulation Assistant since December 2019. Read Posts.

Anita Wolfram, Test Administrator Read Posts