Sage Knowledge Leadership Collection

Sage Knowledge Leadership Collection database brings teaching, learning, and research to life through editorially selected collections around leadership. These videos were developed in partnership with leading content providers, academics, and practitioners, including Sage’s own authors and editors. High-quality videos have been carefully created to deliver on the essential goals of courses at all levels of higher education. They are designed to support the instructor, student, and academic researcher through a combination of originally authorized and produced material with licensed and co-produced content.

There are several ways you can search for videos in this database. Browse by disciplines or by collections though Business Cases or Videos. Business Cases allows you to browse by: Discipline, Sage Originals, Enhanced Cases, Region, or Content Partners such as the Yale School of Management and Planet Money from NPR.

There are many benefits found in using the SAGE Knowledge Leadership Collection database. Exclusive scenario-based case studies show how leaders apply principles to real-life challenges. You can also access clips from leading experts, how-to guides, conference presentation excerpts, tutorials, interviews, and more to expand on what you are learning in the classroom. Another benefit is that transcripts of the videos can be downloaded as a PDF, cited, shared, embedded, or you can get a permalink to the video page directly. You can also add videos to a list of your favorite videos to find them easier. You can even create video clips and save them to be used later. Lastly, you can cite scholarly videos as references in research projects, papers, and presentations.

The Sage Knowledge Leadership Collection database can be accessed from the Databases landing page under “S.” The page can be found on the Library’s homepage under the Find drop down menu or on the “Databases” tab on the Discovery Search page.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 26 No. 4, Fall 2023.

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