Natural Solutions Journal

In this ever-changing world, here is a journal that is full of tools that can help you be in charge of your well-being. Natural Solutions works with the top health writers in the country to develop research-backed content that emphasizes practical solutions and gives readers the information they need to better care for themselves and the planet. Natural Solutions has been the most reliable voice in natural health since 1994. Bellevue University Library has access to December 2010 to the present and it is published by InnoVision Health Media Inc.

In every issue, health information is highlighted pertaining to all aspects of our lives- food, beauty, family, pets, home, and beyond. Some recent articles include: 6 Rules for Healthy Grocery Shopping, Tips to Help Pets with Separation Anxiety, 7 Ways to Snack Smarter, Do Problems Really Exist? How Changing our Perspective Can Change our Life, Three Ways to Use Anxiety to Your Advantage, Calcium and its Importance to Your Health, Take a Look at our Latest Handpicked Products!, How You can Overcome Imposter Syndrome, and The Secret to a Happy Life Prioritize Fun.

You can access Natural Solutions through the Bellevue University Library website, by clicking on the “Find” pull down menu in the upper left-hand corner and select “Journal Search.” On the next page, in the search box, type in the words ‘natural solutions’ and then press “Enter” on the keyboard. Click on ‘Available Online’ and then you will have databases to choose from where you want to access this journal.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 26 No. 2, Spring 2023.

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