Nutrition Action Health Letter Journal

Staying healthy has never been more important. Now more than ever you need to have information that you can trust regarding all aspects about your health. The Nutrition Action Health Letter gives you the information you need. This journal provides articles with practical tips for eating right, cooking healthful recipes, and avoiding food-safety risks, as well as news of the latest in nutrition and health.

Each issue includes several features that will equip you with reliable information about the foods you eat. One section includes brand-name ratings. You will get ratings of an entire category of foods and find out exactly which brands are the best and worst. Included with the results are easy to read charts with the best choices highlighted!

You will also find the latest nutritional news. Discover major health and nutrition topics such as: The diet-cancer link; latest research on breast and prostate cancer; new research on protein; why older people should be eating more; which multivitamins are best for you?; diabetes: dramatically lower your risk with diet; and how to avoid being scammed by food ads and labels.

Surprising junk foods is another feature found in this journal. Learn about all foods to stay away from and why. New foods come on the market constantly. They research them for you, so you will know if a product is truly healthy or just a junk food in disguise.

Lastly, you will uncover nutrition research in every issue. You will discover the latest news about groundbreaking studies on nutrition, diet, and related health issues. The research you should really pay attention to is highlighted and translated into straightforward advice.

Nutrition Action Health Letter is published monthly except for combined issues in January/February and July/August by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. The digital version of the journal can be found in the A-Z Journal List of the Bellevue University Library with coverage from January 1994-present.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 25 No. 2, Spring 2022.

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