Mango Languages: Your all-in-one Language Learning Database

Mango languages is a unique database that adapts to your unique learning style the more often you use it so you can master a new language faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Mango uses a host of tools to help you pick up new vocabulary, master unfamiliar grammatical structures, and train your pronunciation.

Mango believes their tools provide intuitive language construction that helps users master the four conversational skills necessary to establish meaningful connections in a new language: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture.

One of those tools is semantic color mapping which helps the user draw connections between the language they are learning and their native language to gain a deeper insight into the grammatical structure and mechanics of both.








Mango lessons involve a mixture of listening and reading activities with a plethora of different topics to choose from in your target language.  Use critical-thinking exercises, memory-building exercises, pronunciation practice, voice comparison and conversation activities to put your new knowledge into context and boost your understanding.

When you need to brush up on what you have learned Mango’s algorithms will provide you with a personalized review experience that adapts to your progress and learning style. Mango also provides grammar and culture notes to help provide insight into your chosen language.

Want to learn specific vocabulary for your chosen field of study don’t worry Mango offers specialty units for professionals in the legal, medical, business, and educational fields.

Bellevue University Library’s subscription to Mango provides students with access to over 70 different languages free of charge. Check it out today. 

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