LibKey Nomad Now Available!

LibKey Nomad is a new browser extension designed to give fast one-click access to Library resources on Google Scholar, Wikipedia, and more. The extension is available to download here, and is available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, and more.

The following video has more information about this resource.



After installing LibKey Nomad, you will need to select Bellevue University as the provider library from the “select organization” drop down menu.

Once installed, LibKey Nomad will add new access options to citations on the open web. The following screenshot is from citations on Wikipedia. If the Bellevue University Library has access to an article, it will add an “Access Options” or “Download PDF” link to grant you instant access to the resource in our Library collection.

LibKey Nomad will be replacing the Lean Library browser plugin. Lean Library will no longer be available for use starting in July, 2022.

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