Travel Weekly Journal Review


As we all know, travel can be tricky, and if not planned correctly, it can go from five star to “I wish I never came” very quickly. Yet, who do you trust to help you plan that perfect trip? Travel Weekly can give ideas for what to do when your vacation plans fall through due to Covid. It can tell you the best cruises and road trips to take. In just one journal of Travel Weekly, you can find possible trips to take, places to stay, and things to do.

For more than 60 years, Travel Weekly has been one of the most trusted resources for travel planners. It has become a resource that has defined the travel industry. This weekly publication focuses on topics such as what cruise lines you should use to travel to certain locations and what families can do for vacation backup plans when Covid shuts your plans down.

Originally published in 1969 as Travel News, it has become one of the leading resources in the travel industry. It provides a leading perspective on airlines, car rentals, cruises, hotels, and destinations, while also focusing on the economic and governmental issues facing the global community. Travel Weekly is a must have when it comes to planning your perfect trip especially in these uncertain times. This journal will give you the best resources to know when, where, and how to travel like a professional.

Travel Weekly: The Choice of Travel Professionals is published weekly and is available online through Business Insights: Global database with coverage from February 2010.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 25 No. 1, Winter 2021.

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