Library Website Update 2021

In the spring of 2021, the library completed an update of the Bellevue University Library website. This update was a year long process and the goal was to improve the navigation ability and ease of access for patrons. In order to do so, the drop down menu items were rearranged into more logical categories as well as condensed. To achieve this, three new landing pages were created: Library Apps, Recreational Services, and Alternate Borrowing Services. The new landing pages host multiple resources such as available board games, local area passes, or document delivery services. In addition, the comments page was updated to include the room bookings page for convenient access. You may have also noticed the new verbage on the updated drop down menus. All updates were created for the benefit of you, the patron. With an easier navigation process, fewer pages to sift through, as well as clear language for ease of use, resources can be accessed more efficiently. If you need technical assistance with any of our resources, contact Joel Hartung (402-557-7317) or Brandi Bengtson (402-557-7307) for help.


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