National Letter Writing Day

Most letters and notes these days are comprised of texts, emails and instant messages. While great communication tools, there is a lack of personal feeling with electronic communications that one finds with letter writing. Taking the time to write a hand-written letter and sending it to someone is a nice way to brighten someone’s day.  On December 7th of every year, National Letter Writing Day brings connection through correspondence and is a day dedicated to the lost art of writing letters.

Little is known on the origin of National Letter Writing Day. There is one theory that it came from Japan, which has a Letter Writing Week, and also a monthly Letter Writing Day, (the 23rd of every month). There are several different, creative ways to celebrate National Writing Letter Day.  The first step might be to think of someone, perhaps an older relative, who would be thrilled to hear from you.  Then, buy some nice stationary and different colored ballpoint pens.  Lastly, remember to write the correct address on the envelope and buy a postage stamp; the mail carrier will not deliver the letter unless there is postage. If no one in your family comes to mind, perhaps take today to find a pen pal.  Chances are if you make a pact with someone to be pen pals with, your letter writing will continue for a long time.

Spreading the word on social media using the hashtag #NationalLetterWritingDay would spur others to write a handwritten letter on National Letter Writing Day. Revive the tradition and art of handwritten letters by writing one today!

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