National Young Readers Week

It seems like there are so many days, weeks, and months recognizing literacy as a need in some form or another.  What is literacy?  Simply stated, literacy is the ability to identify, understand and communicate through reading and writing.  This month is “National Family Literacy Month” and the second week in November is well-known as “National Young Readers Week.”  This designation was established in 1985 when Pizza Hut and Center for the Book in the Library of Congress collaborated to launch this initiative. 

This week challenges schools to promote and increase literacy awareness by asking parents to read aloud to their children.  Allow children to ask those curious questions and encourage them to explore and expand their knowledge through books, magazines, newspapers, and media.  There are many ways to promote this week, and some schools even recruit local celebrities to read a favorite children’s book to classrooms or in libraries.  So, how can adults get involved?  You can set aside a little time for reading every day and/or start a book club with friends and family.  Here’s a novel idea…visit a library!  The best way to promote literacy is to respect, observe, and achieve literacy.  If you encourage and embrace reading, anything is possible.

Perhaps, the song “The Greatest Love of All” performed by Whitney Houston said it best with the words “I believe the children are our future.  Teach them well and let them lead the way.”  Why not start today?  For more information or resources, check out the following:

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