Communication LibGuides

If you want a breakdown on the topic of communication, take a look at the Bellevue University Library’s Libguide on “Communication” for your needs. This Libguide includes resources for topics such as Communication Fundamentals, as well as, Email and Digital Communications. Other sections delve deeper into the utilization of Public Speaking and takes a look at various aspects of Corporate Communication.

This Libguide has beneficial resources in the format of e-books, articles, videos and websites to assist users in their research. Communication Fundamentals, Excuse Me: The Survival Guide to Modern Business Etiquette, and The Power of Data Storytelling are just several examples of the resources available in this guide. This Libguide works to provide information on the broad topic of communication by breaking it down into easier focus points. This newly unveiled Libguide is up-to-date and full of information available with the click of a button.

Take a look at this Libguide at:, or view our selection of other great LibGuides at For more information about LibGuides or general research help, please contact the Bellevue University Library Reference Desk by email:, phone: 402-557-7313, or by using 24/7 Chat service found on the library website.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 24 No. 4, Fall 2021.

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