Key Business Ratios

Are you looking for information on SIC and NAICS codes?  Are ratios a key point in your next business research paper?  What you are looking for is Key Business Ratios.

Key Business Ratios is a database of competitive industry benchmarking data.  The database lets researchers examine industry benchmarks compiled from public and private companies in 800 lines of business.  Reports include solvency, efficiency, and profitability ratios at both the industry and company levels.  Users are able to print and export data in CSV and PDF formats.

Solvency Rations examine the financial soundness of a company and how well it can meet short term and long-term obligations.

Efficiency Rations check the quality of receivables and the efficiency of asset control; measure the effectiveness of payment to supplier; and evaluate over or under-trading on equity.

Profitability Rations study how profit is earned relative to sales, total assets and net worth.

Tools for the database include:

  • Search data by SIC and NAICS code, line of business, asset range and year
  • Company Filtering
  • Company Drill Down
  • Downloading and Creating Reports
  • Compare any balance sheet with industry benchmarks
  • Profile a company’s best customers
  • Pinpoint a company’s strongest suppliers
  • Identify acquisition targets

Another major advantage of Key Business Ratios is that it uses Dun&Bradstreet for all of its information.  So if you are in need of information on industry benching marking data and business ratios that utilize SIC and NAICS codes, Key Business Rations is the place to go.

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