Kanopy Streaming Service

Kanopy is one of the video streaming platforms offered by the Freeman/Lozier Library. There are a few changes to the Kanopy program that have been made over the past quarter, which are designed to bring the focus of the platform back to educational content. When a video appears in Kanopy, it will fall into one of two categories. First is the “Open DDA.” Videos in this category are freely available for our patrons to view, as they are pre-approved as an academic asset to our university. The second category is the “Mediated” group. These videos are still discoverable in Kanopy, but will require the patron to submit a purchase request. This request will be immediately sent to the librarians who will review it, and/or approve/deny the video with consideration to academic need and budgetary constraint.

The pricing model of Kanopy operates quite differently than the other streaming video platforms that the library offers, such as Alexander Street and Films on Demand. It is due to this per title licensing fee that the changes to our Kanopy platform have been made. We are happy to continue to provide the quality videos that Kanopy offers, just with a little more moderation.

When patrons fill out a request to view a specific video, it is best to include as much ancillary information as possible. The request form should include the video title, name and email of the requester, course number the video is needed for, and justification. Including a comment can be a great way for the librarians to better understand how this particular video will support the course it is intended for.

Kanopy can be located under the “Find” tab, then selecting “Databases” and using the alphabet list and selecting “K.”

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 24 No. 3, Summer 2021

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