Easter Fun Facts

When we think of Easter, there are at least two meanings to the word.  There is the religious meaning where Christians celebrate Jesus who died on the cross for their sins, rose from the dead, showing that He is the Son of God.  Those who believe in Him are given the gift of eternal life.  The other meaning is renewal of life with images of spring, bunnies, baby animals, pastel colors and of course candy.

So, how do people around the world celebrate Easter?


Canadians really like Cadbury eggs.


Americans in the United States devour millions of Marshmallow Peeps.


In the United Kingdom, people like their hot cross buns.


Germans really branch out on Easter and hide their eggs in trees!




Australians like their chocolate bilbies– not bunnies.  That’s how it’s done down under.


In  Poland, water guns make a splash.  Their Easter Monday is all about getting drenched!


In Russia, jeweled eggs, as in Faberge’, are the most popular gifts there.


Easter Eats and Treats By the Numbers in 2020

16 Billion Jellybeans were sold- these could easily encircle the globe, many times!
700 million Marshmallow Peeps sold. Yellow is the most popular color.
100 million Cadbury Chocolate Creme Eggs sold.  They have been “eggs-tremely” popular since 1875!
90 million Chocolate Easter Bunnies sold.  89% of Americans eat these first.
50 million Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares sold. The first Ghirardelli store was in Peru!
25 million Toblerone Swiss Chocolate Bars sold. Did you know there’s a bear hidden in the logo.

As you can see, Easter, like many holidays we celebrate today, are centered around candy, Many may forget how they began or why we celebrate them.  Even though they started with a deep and spiritual meaning.  So enjoy this season, and let’s remember the wonder reason why it is celebrated today.  Jesus is alive!



Images at the bottom:  Jellybeans  Peeps    Cadbury    Chocolate  Easter bunny     Ghirardelli   Toblerone 

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