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If you have been on campus lately, you will have noticed the greenhouse rising from the ground just outside the R. Joe Dennis Learning Center. It is the most visible evidence of the new Sustainability Learning Lab that is being developed in phases over three years. The Sustainability Learning Lab LibGuide is documenting its progress while also supporting it by gathering together into one place related resources of all kinds.

An abundance of photos and illustrations gives this guide a very different look from other LibGuides. The Home page offers a visual overview of the Lab, from groundbreaking, to planting the native plants garden, to building of the greenhouse. Eventually, as they take shape, the algae pond and solar and wind energy stations will be added. Other features of this page include local news stories, as well as a library blog post, which fill in the details of how the Lab came to be and where it is going. The main area of the next page provides a definition of and an introduction to the topic of sustainability, represented by the three pillars of sustainability graphic in the left column. As with most other images in this guide, that image hyperlinks to the source, providing a larger view and more detailed information.

Like the Lab itself, the main part of the LibGuide is divided into four sections reflecting the four components of the Lab: Native Plants Garden, Greenhouse, Algae Pond, and Solar and Wind Power Stations. The tabbed box at the top of each page displays general information about the topic and photos of the developments on campus. As each phase is completed, information will be added about how it is being utilized. On the lower portion of the page are library resources specific to that area of sustainability, including books, eBooks, articles, and videos, as well as informative and credible websites. Check the side panels for more clickable information.

Taking a closer look at the Greenhouse page, you will see general information about greenhouses, a clickable “History of Greenhouses” timeline, and on the next tab, photos of the building of the greenhouse from foundation to finished structure. The left panel links to instructions for building your own greenhouse. All the other sections follow a similar layout: general information, views of the progress on campus, and eventually information about
the purpose and usage of each of these. Related library resources are always listed below.

Even though the algae pond and renewable energy stations have not been constructed yet, those sections already contain interesting information about these topics, as well as relevant library resources. The final page of the LibGuide lists a variety of library resources and websites related in a more general way to sustainability, rather than specifically to one of the four areas of the Lab.

Like the Sustainability Learning Lab itself, this LibGuide is a work in progress. As the lab grows and there are new developments, they will be added. Check back often to see what is going on there and how the library is supporting it. Click on Find on the library homepage, then on Subject, Course, and Subject Guides: LibGuides to locate this LibGuide and all the other LibGuides. For more information about LibGuides or general research assistance, please contact the Bellevue University Library Reference Desk at, 402-557-7313, or use the 24/7 Librarian Chat service, on the library homepage and on every LibGuide.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 24 No. 1, Winter 2020.

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