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“New Year, New You!”, so the saying goes.  Many people begin the new year with a sense of renewed determination to try new things, retry old things, and generally get their lives back in order.  Of course, now that we are well into February, many of those resolutions have fallen by the wayside or simply stalled in light of, well…’life’ getting in the way.  While this is certainly not unusual, it is also true that typical resolutions can help ‘life’ feel more manageable. Many people are still facing unprecedented economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 recession.  Those same people were often living paycheck to paycheck even before the economic downturn.  While safely maintaining a steady income is certainly the first order of business these days, planning for the future and cultivating a working knowledge of finance go a long way toward easing one’s mind about future economic uncertainty.  With a little help from the Bellevue University Library print collection, it is easy to build your financial know-how no matter what your current baseline is.  The print collection about Finance includes the following subsections, which you can browse depending on what you would like to focus on.

Despite the fact that many individuals around the world are experiencing economic hardship, the fact remains that the stock market and investments have remained strong.  Investors like Warren Buffet continue to build capital simply through investment and building portfolios.  The books in this subsection detail how markets function, as well as how to tap into that wealth for oneself.

Even though nearly everyone exchanges money for goods and services daily, it is easy to fall into the trap of mismanaging one’s personal finances.  Debt piles up and money seemingly evaporates after every paycheck.  The books in this subsection can give you the tools to take control of personal bank accounts and debt once and for all.

It can be easy to forget that the United States does not exist in a financial vacuum and that the international financial system can greatly impact domestic financial issues.  Politicians regularly use scare tactics about financial globalization and individual countries’ financial leverage to gain and maintain power.  Find definite answers in this subsection, and learn to identify misinformation in your life.

Small businesses are some of the most critically impacted entities of the COVID recession, with many forced to shut their doors due to lack of income.  Whether you are a current business owner, looking for future success strategies, or an aspiring entrepreneur, the books in this subsection will point you in the right direction.

The current financial crisis is certainly not the first in United States’ history, or even the most devastating for the overall economy.  We, in 2021, have the benefit of learning from previous economic downturns to build back and strengthen our finances for the future.  The books found in this subsection are a great place to acquire that knowledge and move forward.

Finally, everyone holds an opinion about how much control the federal, state, and local governments should have over individual and corporate finances.  But, many of those same people are unable to articulate what the current regulations entail or specifically how they would like them to change.  The books in this subsection will bring readers up to speed on current financial regulation as well as possibilities for future change.

Of course, there is no way to learn all this vast amount of information in time for tax season.  However, the Bellevue University Library print collection is a great place to start in your quest for knowledge on this topic.  All the books about Finance are located in a single section of the Library’s General Collection, the Library of Congress classification ‘HG’.  You will find carefully selected books on all the topics mentioned above, many published in the last year or two.  Best yet, there is no need to worry if the information is accurate, as is often the case with information found online.  Become a more informed citizen and work toward your financial New Year’s resolution simultaneously!

You can find hundreds of books about Finance in the Bellevue University Library’s print collection.  Either come to the BU campus to browse in person, or browse the collection online at and then have your selections mailed to your home upon request at .

For more information about some individual books in this fascinating section of our General Collection, check out these links.

Alexander Hamilton on Finance, Credit, and Debt By Richard Eugene Sylla and David Jack Cowen

Blockchain Babel By Igor Pejic

Collusion By Nomi Prins

Can Finance Save the World By Bertrand Badré

The Truth Machine By Michael Casey

Advances in Active Portfolio Management By Richard C. Grinold

Private Debt By Stephen L. Nesbitt

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