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This November saw a presidential election rife with misinformation, political divisions, and endless time in front of cable news channels.  Of course, because it is 2020, this unprecedented national decision played out on a backdrop of increasing COVID-19 concerns and economic hardship. This has led to a rise in anxiety and personal stress across the United States, which can make the upcoming holiday season even more daunting.  In stressful times, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that everything is out of control.  How will the Zoom-facilitated Thanksgiving get-together possibly work if the future seems so uncertain?  One way to ease those understandable concerns is to focus on things that are controllable.  Of the problems currently facing us, misinformation is the simplest one to fight on one’s own.  With a little help from the Bellevue University Library print collection, it is easy to combat misinformation about the United States history and culture.  The history and culture of the United States is broadly divided in the print collection into the following subject areas.

During Thanksgiving, the United States celebrates the kindness of the Native Americans toward the new English colonizers in Plymouth during the 1600s.  Of course, the mythical tale told to children belies the complicated history of the Native American nations and the colonization of the North American continent.

The events surrounding the American Revolution and the formation of the United States contain everything from military exploits to political rivalry to domestic drama.  Many Americans today debate what ‘the founders intended’ when deciding current policy.  These books will share that information, often in the founders’ own words.

The United States is a large country with several distinct regional cultures, attractions, and industries.  The many fascinating characteristics of the Pacific, Rocky Mountain, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast regions are seemly endless.  The national parks are especially cherished national treasures to be protected and studied into the future.

The Bellevue University Library holds a number of informative resources about the United States presidential election system and its history.  Unbiased information about elections is a bit difficult to come by through electronic media right now, but these resources will give you the context you need to create informed opinions on current events.

Along with everything else mentioned above in 2020, the effects of systemic racism and unconscious bias were brought to the forefront of the American consciousness.  These resources take a deep dive into the experiences of the different racial and ethnic groups that form the multicultural society the United States strives to achieve.

Finally, the Bellevue University Library holds resources covering every era of United States history from the Constitutional Convention to the Trump presidency.  If you would like information about any specific time, you will be sure to find it.

Of course, there is no way to learn all this vast amount of information in time for Zoom-Thanksgiving conversation.  However, the Bellevue University Library print collection is a great place to start in your quest for knowledge on this topic.  All the books about United States history and culture are located in a single section of the Library’s General Collection, the Library of Congress classification ‘E’.  You will find carefully selected books on all the topics mentioned above, many published in the last year or two.  Best yet, there is no need to worry if the information is accurate, as is often the case with information found online.  Go forth to the Library and start your journey across America!

You can find hundreds of books about the history and culture of the United States in the Bellevue University Library’s print collection.  Either come to the BU campus to browse in person, or browse the collection online at and then have your selections mailed to your home upon request at .

For more information about some individual books in this fascinating section of our General Collection, check out these links.

Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America By Ibram X. Kendi

The Founders and Finance: How Hamilton, Gallatin, and Other Immigrants Forged a New Economy By Thomas K. McCraw

All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation By Rebecca Traister

Herbert Hoover in the White House: The Ordeal of the Presidency By Charles Rappleye

Our America: A Hispanic History of the United States By Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Custer’s Trials: A Life on the Frontier of a New America By T.J. Stiles

American Colonial History: Clashing Cultures and Faiths By Thomas S. Kidd

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