Halloween by the Numbers

The origin of the holiday comes from the night before the Christian day, All Saints’ Day or All Hallows’ Day. This is a day to commemorate the saints of the church, those who are known and those who are not known. The name Halloween derives from All Hallow’s Eve (the night before All Hallow’s Day), which in Scottish eve is even, and is often contracted to e’en or ‘een’. The reason for the ghouls and the skeletons is because this is the final night they have before they’re scared away by the saints.

Despite Halloween only being one day a year, there is a huge market and the numbers are shocking. With the holiday being celebrated internationally and a notably high interest, a significant amount of money is spent for Halloween and plenty of time is used carving pumpkins and decorating houses.

Money Spent on Halloween
2015   8 billion
2016   7 billion
2017   9.1 billion
2018   9 billion
2019   8.8 billion was expected  $86.27 is what shoppers said they would spend on average for Halloween.

What People Spent Per Year on Costumes, Candy, Decorations and Cards




2.6 million are spent on candy by 95% of shoppers
2.7 billion are spent on decorations by 74% of shoppers
390 million are spent on  greeting cards by 35% of shoppers
300 million+ are spent on haunted attractions by 22% of shoppers

Speaking about haunted houses, they are most popular in the northeast.
20.5% in West
21.1% in Midwest
18.6% in South
22% in Northeast

Top 5 Costume Choices for each of the below demographics
Adults 35+  Witch, Dracula, Superhero, Pirate, Monster
Adults 18-34 Batman, Witch, Cat, Superhero, Dracula
Kids Princess, Superhero, Spiderman, Batman, Witch
Pets  Pumpkin, Hotdog, Bee, Devil, Cat

Getting Social with Halloween
933 million ideas will be pinned for Halloween in 2019, up from 273 million in 2015
227 million searches each year for Halloween-related content on Pinterest.

Out of all Halloween Celebrants
17% Dress up their pets
22% Go to a Haunted House
29%  Trick or Treat
32% Throw/Attend a party
44% Carve a pumpkin
47% Dress in costume
49% Decorate
66% Hand out candy

Halloween Candy

Now that you know the numbers about Halloween, go out and grow the Halloween economy for 2020!

Resource: https://www.theshelf.com/the-blog/halloween-infographic

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