Banned Books Week 2020

It’s that time of year again where we celebrate Banned Books Week! This year the celebration is from September 27th through October 3rd. The pandemic may be changing the way our celebration looks, but we still have great ways to celebrate! The theme of this year is “Censorship is bad. Find your freedom to read” with a visual element involving very creative mazes.

Banned Books week helps libraries highlight the harm censorship can cause. Censorship happens more often within public schools or libraries. The BU library has a host of books within our collection that have been banned or challenged at one point of another. Books can help us learn from the past or explore viewpoints that are outside our realm of personal knowledge. This can help people expand their horizons and when books are censored, knowledge is controlled. Libraries provide materials from varying viewpoints to allow patrons to create their own conclusions. If items were constantly allowed to be censored by one group or another, we wouldn’t have access to things like Hop on Pop or Lord of the Rings. That is why Banned Books Week is so important! We celebrate the freedom to read and work to combat the silencing of the First Amendment done through Censorship.

While you’re in the library take a look at our display on Ray Bradbury, a famous banned author. We also have a wonderful display involving the theme of mazes and author wanted posters. Interested in a banned book? The library has popular titles such as A Wrinkle in Time, Lord of the Rings, or The Kite Runner available for checkout. All items on display are also available for checkout, just ask the circulation desk for help!

All throughout Banned Books week – September 27th through October 3rd the library is holding a Banned Book Trivia Contest! This contest is available both at the Reference Desk and virtually for those who would prefer to participate online! Winners will be chosen based off of the number of correct answers. If multiple participants have the same amount of correct answers, the winner will be drawn by random. Enter our contest for a banned book of your choice or a banned book themed face mask!

If you need a stress free activity, come in and grab one of our A-mazing activity pages! These activity sheets will be out the entire week.

For more details, check out our Banned Books Week page.

Reading is rebellion. Fight the man, save the empire!


Image taken from: Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association,

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