National Parks and Recreation Month

Now I know what you’re thinking but while I am all for celebrating television, this month is not celebrating a TV show with Star Lord in it. Parks and Recreation month is a national event that lasts the month of July. It is to help encourage spending time outdoors as well as bring attention to the many parks that exist for visitation. It’s sometimes hard to spend time outdoors, though, especially if you live in a high traffic city or somewhere hot. Not to mention as the year goes on, there aren’t always places you can go to enjoy the spring or fall seasons. That’s where National Parks come in. You can enjoy an expansive place, sometimes with landmarks, and get back to nature. It’ll help you unwind from the stress of work or house chores, even if it’s just to have a barbecue or a stroll through the park.

While the summer is the best time for vacations, it can be hard to know what to do if you want to go to a national park. Even just knowing what to do besides going to the pool constantly can be difficult as summer goes on. The best part of national (and state) parks is that you can visit many of these places year round. Their hours may be shorter but that’s more due to the weather changing. National parks act as nature reserves that also allow you to explore the beauty this world has to offer. There are cabins in some parks and lodging of some kind in others. You can do many things to celebrate National Parks and Recreation month!

  1. Go camping – this can be done in tents, cabins, or RVs. Just check the regulations for each park and it’ll help you feel closer to nature.
  2. Go on a hike – there are many national parks and state parks where you can follow various trails. Just take some time to enjoy exploring the forest, with the proper gear of course.
  3. Pack a picnic and plenty of bottled beverages so you can enjoy a meal at one of the picnic tables or in the grass.
  4. If you like horses or archery – many places have recreational areas for a fee.
  5. Take photos of nature or sketch scenery.
  6. Go Birdwatching.
  7. You can kayak on many places, white water rafting, or other options. Just check to see if the parks have the option available and what it costs.
  8. As always, there is fishing you can enjoy, just remember your license.
  9. Attend a festival.
  10. Play a game of catch in the wide open spaces provided.

There are so many things you can do outside to celebrate this holiday this month. The list of possibilities are endless. Grab a friend, take your family, or even just enjoy the time alone to explore nature. While these places are taken care of, by buying passes and utilizing the space, your funds help keep the places in top shape. This allows for more of nature to have a chance to exist and expand.

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Image taken from: Pixabay, free use image website.

3 thoughts on “National Parks and Recreation Month

  1. cheryl

    i cannot wait till the locak down is over and go out camping and hiking again! national park should be called, national treasure park, they are the best!

    1. Brandi Bengtson Post author


      Parks are absolutely wonderful and we look forward to camping and hiking/enjoying the parks and all nature has to offer with loved ones once this is over.

      National Treasure park would be quite the way to show love for the parks.


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