Toolkit Aims to Introduce Faculty to Specialized Library Services

The goal of the Freeman/Lozier Library is to support the academic journey of Bellevue University students, as well as to provide support and assistance to university faculty. Because of this, the library is closely integrated with the academic mission at the core of Bellevue University. In order to support faculty in this mission, the Bellevue University Library recently launched a new Faculty Toolkit. This LibGuide sets out to introduce and explain a wide variety of specialized library services to faculty.


The Faculty Toolkit was designed as a library “boot camp” for new faculty, as well as a refresher course for current faculty. It is divided into 10 individual topics, wherein faculty will learn important points of contact, be introduced to library services and resources, and understand all the library can do to assist faculty.

These 10 topics covered in the Faculty Toolkit are as follows:

LibGuides: This section will teach faculty what LibGuides are, how to navigate them, and how to request a custom guide for your course.

Library Instruction: The standard “one-shot” library instruction course is an important service provided by the reference librarians. This section details how to schedule a customized session for your course, as well as explains our online library instruction webinar offerings.

Turnitin: Turnitin is an industry standard plagiarism prevention tool. This section explains what Turnitin is, as well as how to use this tool directly within a Blackboard course.

Research Assistance Program: The new Research Assistance Program pairs students with librarians for reference help throughout their academic career. This section explains what the program can do to help your students.

Copyright Center: Copyright law, fair use, and plagiarism are subjects that are often misunderstood in academia. The Copyright Center can help explain these topics, as well as assist in acquiring permission to use copyrighted materials in a Blackboard course.

BUILD ITThe Bellevue University Information Literacy Development Interactive Tutorial (BUILD IT) is a comprehensive tutorial developed by library staff. This section explains how to integrate this tutorial directly into a Blackboard course.

NoodleTools: The citation management software NoodleTools is an important platform offered by the library. This sections contains an in depth tutorial on managing citations with NoodleTools.

Purchase Request: The library has a dedicated budget for purchasing physical and electronic materials to support the college curriculum. This section instructs faculty how to request materials for the library to purchase in support of their course.

Library Committee: This section details the functions of the library committee, membership terms, procedures, and current committee members.

Other Information: The final section of the Faculty Toolkit details other miscellaneous items that may be important for faculty to know, including research projects, how to link to library resources, database trials, library events, social media, and more.

This is just the beginning of the new Faculty Toolkit. The LibGuide will continue to be updated as the library adds new services, resources, and tools that may be helpful to faculty. If you have any feedback on the toolkit, or recommendations for new sections, please contact Joel Hartung, Assistant Director, Library Systems at (402) 557-7317, or via e-mail at

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 22 No. 3, Summer 2019.

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