Physical Fitness and Sports Selections from the Library

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Bellevue University Library has titles to help you meet your fitness goals, sharpen athletic skills, or simply learn more about your favorite activities and athletes. Read on to pump up your knowledge of these resources.


First, let’s “warm up” with some selections on stretching, injury prevention, and recovery to help you train safely and bounce back with ease.

Here are some print books you can find at Freeman/Lozier library:

And here’s a comprehensive ebook resource from our online Credo Reference collection:

Now on to the main workout; these resources will show you exercises to improve skills and physical fitness:

  • The online Video Collection can be found within our Gale databases.  It contains hundreds of videos on different aspects of exercise for physical fitness.

At the Freeman-Lozier library, we’ve collected a number of titles from Human Kinetics publishers.  Each of these books is fully illustrated with clear anatomical drawings of athletes in action.  They contain detailed exercise instructions for developing the muscle groups and training routines necessary to master athletic skills. Our owned titles include:

Finally, let’s “cool down” and unwind with some more recreational reading. These sports memoirs and biographies are all available in the Freeman-Lozier Library.

Of course, these are just a few of the many sports and fitness titles available at Bellevue University Library. Check out to search for more great resources.


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