Image result for brown lunch bagEating takeout every lunch can be expensive but it’s so difficult trying to remember to pack a lunch at times. Ideas only come after you’re already at work and halfway to lunch time. Fear not, in celebration of Brown Bag it Day, we’ve compiled a list of recipes that you can take to work. You can even use some of these for school lunches. Tasty, wonderful ideas that you can customize to hit just that right spot and you save a bit of money, too. How cool is that? No more needing to fret if the last slice of pizza or the last tuna sandwich has been eaten.

Check out these tasty recipes:

BLT Pasta Salad - Life In The LofthouseBLT Pasta Salad – This is a great pasta salad and BLT with a few modifications. Using ranch and barbecue sauce instead of mayo as a dressing, it’s a great meal or side dish for a lunch! Just toss in bow tie pasta with lettuce, diced tomatoes, and bacon into a bowl and shake it all up.

Meal Prep Ideas + Keto Recipes for Fat Loss & Muscle Building #mealprep #mealprepideas #ketorecipe #healthyfoodideasCheese and cracker lunch – Buying prepackaged materials can make lunch expensive, even if you’re not eating out. Try buying crackers, string cheese or cheese slices, a fruit or a vegetable, as well as sliced meat to make your own meal rivaling popular packaged lunches. Like sweets? Add a dessert in there, too. You get more food and you don’t have to be stuck with a cheese you don’t like.

Chicken Ranch WrapsChicken Ranch Wraps – Simple and easy to make wraps. Use your favorite brand of ranch (or even a different dressing) and mix it with easy ingredients. Chicken, lettuce, and your favorite shredded cheese are all you need to put on the tortilla in order to make this dish. You can even add more veggies if desired.

Greek Chicken Meal Prep – This recipe allows you to make 5 servings of this dish. You can share it with others or keep it for each lunch. Seasoned chicken with a side of perfectly made Tzatziki sauce (ingredients listed), this dish is a perfect healthy alternative to traditional Greek Chicken. Add your favorite sides such as tomatoes, olives, hummus, cucumber salad and/or feta.

Fruity Peanut Butter Pitas – A twist on a classic, try this quick lunch – perfect for adults and kids! Fill up a pita pocket with peanut butter and then add apples and bananas for a great sandwich.

There are so many ways to enjoy lunch without worrying about it breaking the bank. Bringing your own lunches or meal prepping ahead of time can leave you satisfied and more money in your pocket. While it is hard to think of ideas until you’re hungry the next day, a healthy habit of meal prepping the night before (or the week) can also leave you less stressed.

Check out our great set of cookbooks for more recipes.

Or, check out the Library’s Eat Well in College Pinterest board for more ideas!

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