Creative Beginnings Month

If it has been awhile since you have been creative, the month of May is the month devoted for you to energize yourself and enrich your life with a creative beginning.  Perhaps this is the time to learn to play a new instrument, enroll in a cooking class, or start a new craft project. The possibilities are endless.

While there are a lot of makers out there who are fortunate enough to use their creativity daily and earn a living, the majority of us see creative projects as a hobby or luxury and sometimes tend to let life get in the way.  If you identify with the latter, why not use this month as a challenge to nurture your creative spirit and enjoy dreaming up and creating something new?  The creative process can enhance other areas of your life as well as boost your self-esteem knowing that you have a learned a new skill or completed a project. 

Oftentimes, the hardest part is getting started. One easy way to come up with a creative project idea is to sit down and quickly jot down a list of all of the creative things that you would like to do or would like to learn how to do.  Select one project idea from your list and get started.  You may be surprised that there are other skills you will want to learn or other projects you will want to tackle.  Whatever your skill level, you most likely can begin right where you are with the tools and knowledge that you have.        

The Bellevue University Library has some wonderful resources that you can borrow to get started.  Here are a few that may peak your interest.

Complete Ceramics:  Easy Techniques and Over 20 Great ProjectsTT920.C66 2009.

Fearless Cooking for One by Michele Evans TX652.E92

The Potter’s Studio Clay and Glaze Handbook:  An Essential Guide to Choosing, Working, and Designing with Clay and Glaze in the Ceramic Studio by Jeff Zamek TT919.5.Z36 2009.

Where the Road Ends:  A Guide to Trail Tunning by Meghan M. Hicks.  GV1061.H47 2016.

 Source: 29 Ways to Stay Creative.

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