DemographicsNow Database

If you are searching for a new and exciting form of data that can really take your business research to the next level by emphasizing trends found in demographic information from the United States, look no further than the database, DemographicsNow.

DemographicsNow allows users to generate reports which identify cultural patterns or sociological trends. Its data includes access to U.S. demographics reports and more than 24 million business reports.  The database is broken down into three major components:  Demographics, Maps, and Reports.

Demographics focuses on population and Census data that includes: income, housing, race, age, education, retail spending, consumer expenditures, and housing expenditures. This data allows users to compare statistics from multiple geographies in a tabular format, summarize demographics information on a single geographic area or group multiple geographies into a single value, and rank multiple geographies using a single demographic variable.

Maps utilizes powerful, user-friendly mapping technology of Google Maps. These maps provide everything from basic map data, thematic layers based on demographic variables, licensed point data sets, and allow for predefined geographic tools that create and view custom geographic polygons.

Reports section contains precompiled analytical applications that allow users to perform complex demographic analysis on any standard or custom geography. Most reports created through a two-step process.  Step 1: Select Geography in the “Enter Geography” search bar located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Start typing in an address or selecting geography from the geography tree.  Step 2: Select one of the Reports from the drop down menu.

With the potential that DemographicsNow has to add more relevant data to your next research project, will you be taking a look at the features this database offers?

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