Milad un Nabi- Not My Jaddati’s Christmas Party

eid-milad-un-nabi-6Milad un Nabi is the Muslim celebration of the birth of the Prophet. It is much like Christmas for Christians. Mawlid, as its called in some countries, is a usually happy and joyful occasion.  Depending on the branch of Islam there are many ways to celebrate. There is usually a procession and sermons are read. The month ahead of Mawlid is filled with festivals, juggling and entertainers, mystics and scholars. In some areas there are animal sacrifices and in some areas- celebration is strictly forbidden, replaced instead by reflection and quiet introspection. Areas of India, Pakistan and Africa hold jubilant celebrations. Countries were Wahhabiyah, greater Salafi and Ahmadiyah sects are popular tend to rule against any outward celebration. Religious scholars of these orders cite idolatry as the reason.

No matter your views, Milad un Nabi is a reminder that we’re all unique, the holiday season reflects that. Be kind, be respectful, and be joyous.

What holiday traditions are you proud of? Which ones are embarrassing? Share in the comments section!

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Photo credit: Pakistan Today

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