Dance the Day Away

DanceToday just happens to be National Dance Day!  Observed every year on the last Saturday in July, it was first celebrated in 2010 as a way to raise awareness and encourage people to view dancing as a fun and “upbeat” way to stay or become healthier.

National Dance Day is for everyone!  Many organizations have formally gathered people together to commemorate the day and scheduled activities where people can participate.  There are events being held nationally, or you can choose to create your own.  A list of these events can be found here.  Bellevue University decided to offer the following dance classes throughout the month:  Foxtrot, Zumba, Salsa, Chicago Style Steppin, and Country Line Dancing.

Did you know there is also an official National Day Dance routine?  You can learn it here.  Each year a new dance is sponsored by the Dizzy Feet Foundation.  This year it is choreographed to the song Dance Like Yo Daddy by Meghan Traynor and performed by the “So You Think You Can Dance” All-Stars.  Once you learn the routine you can record yourself and share your video via Dizzy Feet Foundation’s Facebook & Twitter.  So what are you waiting for?  Join the fun on July 30, 2016, and Dance the Day Away

If interested in learning more about dancing, the Bellevue University Library can help.  A collection of books and videos can be located through eCatalog.

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