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NoveListHave you just finished a great book and wondered what to read next? Bellevue University Library has you covered. One of our newest additions to the library databases, NoveList Plus, will let you find similar titles or search for something new based on your likes and dislikes. Let us look at a title and see how NoveList Plus works. Say you just read The Martian and loved it so much you were sorry to see it end. One way to find a similar title would be to type in The Martian in the upper search box. The top result on your list will be this book. You will notice a brief description, Popularity scale, which gave this title 5 stars ☺, and under this is a link to “Title Read-alikes” and “Author Read-alikes.”

By choosing “Title Read-alikes,” you will see a list of titles with a brief explanation
of why they were chosen. NoveList Plus works with appeal terms to identify similar books. The appeal terms include genre, storyline, tone, and writing style. According to NoveList, “Appeal helps readers determine why they enjoy a book and whether a particular book will fit their style. You can use appeal to find books based on the type of character you like, the pacing or tone, or even the style of illustration.”

By choosing “Author Read-alikes” you will see a list of authors with similar writing styles. If you enjoy a certain author, you can investigate them further by going to Quick Links from the orange toolbar at the top of the page and selecting “Author Read-alikes.” You can read short articles about the author, and find similar authors.

From the search page, you can also explore new books from your favorite genre by clicking on the links in the left-hand column. For instance, if you like historical fiction, you can select that genre and narrow down to one of the sub-categories. By choosing the selection “Troubled Times,” you will see a list of fictional stories surrounding tragic events. If you are more interested in true-life events, you can select the Nonfiction tab in the left-hand column and select History and then “Murder, Mayhem, Shock, and Scandal.”

There are many other features you can explore by clicking on Browse By, Especially For, and Quick Links from the orange toolbar. The How Do I? link will help you learn more about this database.

Check out this valuable new resource to help you choose your next great read.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter,
More Than BooksV. 18 No. 4, Fall 2015.

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