Instagram and the Genius Hour

InstagramInstagram is a social media tool that is growing in popularity, especially in libraries.  It is similar to Facebook in that pictures and short videos are posted and viewers can ‘like’ different posts. I have been using Instagram for about a year and have learned new terminology such as dropbox, hashtags, reposts, liking, tagboard, following, and sharing.   Additionally, I have learned that Instagram is meant to be both educational and entertaining.  When researching the #LibrariesofInstagram during my Genius Hour, I noticed that there are common whimsical threads, such as #bookface and #shelfie.  A bookface is the combination of a unique bookcover image that is aligned to a human person.  A shelfie is a self-photo in the library’s book stacks.

Other ideas that have emerged from the Genius Hour include:  “Marbled Mondays,” which are photos of older books that have artistic designs on them, “Throwback Thursdays,” which are older photos of people and events, and “Caturdays,” which are photos (usually posted on Saturdays) of cats with books. In addition to displaying the fun side of library work, Instagram also has an informational component. Many libraries advertise workshops, new technology, special events, new staff, regular hours of operation, and holiday hours.

The Genius Hour has helped me become better organized with Instagram postings, aligning posts with other social media outlets, such as Pinterest and Facebook, as well as keeping a calendar for planned posts. Are you interested in following the Bellevue University Library on Instagram?  The username is bulibrary.  We look forward to connecting with you online.Jake and his bookface

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