Save Time, Get More Done, Get Organized!!!

January iOrganized word arts National Get Organized Month. That’s not really too surprising, as this is the month that everyone starts their year with resolutions or goals on what they want to accomplish for the next 365 days. The problem is, many of us start out great with our intentions, but then time slips by and we lose our motivation.

The question is:  how can we stick to our goals, accomplish what we set out to do, and make a change in our lives?

The answer, my friend, is to have a plan and some resources to help you get organized. There are so many tools out there that you could spend several years discovering a new one every day. I certainly don’t recommend that! The library is a wonderful place to embark on this journey.  Our Pinterest team has a Get Organized! board full of creative and purposeful ideas. Then, Jake, a fellow blogger, has recommended 3 apps in his post on January 8, 2015 that range from simple lists to the more complex categorization system. Another resource that the library offers to on-campus students, staff, and faculty is a mobile library service called “Library on the Go.” Our next event will be on January 23rd. We will be bringing some materials on getting organized as well as bestsellers and award winners. The event will be held on the third floor lobby of the Educational Services Building from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. If you have any questions or requests, please email Casey Kralik and she can assist you.

While the Freeman/Lozier Library does have all of the wonderful resources above, we do not have any journals solely dedicated to personal organization. The good news is that I did find an online magazine that offers free issues. As of this blog post, Getting Organized offers the Winter 2014 and Spring 2014 issues in PDF format online. You can also subscribe to get the print issues for $19.50 U.S./yr.

I also wanted to let you know about a wonderful website for your organizational needs. Most planners cannot survive without a checklist or to do list. I have several! Home Storage Solutions 101 offers free printables and checklists. Two that I recommend are: “52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge 2015,” and “Monthly Declutter Calendars.” You will also find some on subjects such as: food storage, grocery shopping, couponing, meal planning, health and safety resources, and home inventory and storage.

Home Storage Solutions 101 has a couple more features that I can’t leave without mentioning. The first is their A-Z Home Storage Solutions & Ideas guide. The author and readers have taken pictures and posted their storage ideas and organized them for you. How cool is that! For example, if you still have Christmas or holiday items to put away, check out: “G” for gift bags, gift cards, and gift wrap; and “W” for wreaths and wrapping paper. You will surely find several ideas on the best ways to store them.

Organizer Store

Lastly, if you need some items to help you in this quest, they have that covered too! The Organizer Store is a place that Taylor has “hand selected and reviewed products to help you organize and improve your home and life.” She has them categorized by: Apps, Software & Technology; Books & Ebooks; Meal Planning and Groceries; Budgeting and Finances; and Personal Development and Improvement. Many of the apps are free, which is great! So, what are you waiting for? Get organized and start today!!!

Do you have any tools (books, apps, websites, etc.) that work for you when it comes to organizing and planning? Share them with us in the comments section and let’s help each other Get Organized in 2015!!!

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