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With a new year, many of us desire to grab hold of the reins and stop the runaway stage coach that is our lives and GET ORGANIZED. I know that I live and die by my Google calendar and would utterly lost without Outlook at work. So in an attempt to assist you, the reader, here are some organizational apps for the android and iOS stores for free or little cost. LET’S GET ORGANIZED!




Free with Pro Version ($4.99 a month)

Wunderlist is a multi-platform app that is, at its core, a social media list-making app. While there are many list-making/organizational apps on both the iOS and Android marketplace, Wunderlist has a very clean, easy to use interface that looks great and has a lot of functionality. While you can use it to simply detail your grocery list and daily chores, you can also create a list of your favorite restaurants and share it with family and friends, set reminders for all your forgotten tasks, set push notifications so you’ll never miss your list, and sync everything you create to all the devices you own with one simple login. Wunderlist does have a “Pro” version, which gives you unlimited sharing of tasks and lists, unlimited sub-tasks for greater organization, unlimited uploads, and more backgrounds for personal customization. Check it out!




Free with a ‘Gold’ version ($5 a month or $45 a year)

Trello is a fully-fledged organizational app at its very core. It is a highly-customizable, visually appealing way to create a “Kanban”-like process for any project you may have in your life. In Trello, you create “cards” which can be dragged and dropped into any over-arching project. For each card, you can title and list with complete freedom, giving you the user the opportunity to fine-time the platform to your needs. You can even upload files into a card, allowing you to create a kind of digital-dropbox with visual collaborative capability. Like Wunderlist, Trello is available on a multitude of devices with a unified login to make syncing your projects between devices a breeze. Also like Wunderlist, it has a paid version which gives you the ability to upload files that are 250mb in size rather than only 10mb and the ability to change the background of your projects beyond the six basic colors that are included in the free version.  GET ORGANIZED!




$1.99 in the iOS app store (iOS only)

There are some of us out there (myself included) that need a little incentive, as well as a little “tough love” to get through the not-so-nice tasks in our daily lives. Well, if you have an iPhone, welcome to your new task master overlord– Carrot! She’s an AI with an attitude who will treat you right as long as you aren’t a lazy slacker. Carrot to-do is a kind of to-do list with some gamification built in to help make your daily tasks a little more interesting. The app starts off with highly limited functionality; however, as you use Carrot, more upgrades will be unlocked so that you are rewarded (digitally, mind you) for your efforts. Carrot will even tell you her story as you ‘level up’ and accomplish more tasks; that’s right, she has a storyline with three ‘episode’ with more to come from the developer. Carrot to-do is far from a completed app, but it has the potential to be a life-changing application if you need that extra incentive (or guilt) in your life.


What do you use to get organized? Pen and paper, a “Beautiful mind”-like clippings room, or a google app? LET US KNOW!



Jake is the technical services assistant for the Freeman/Lozier Library on the Bellevue University Campus. He is a full-time book nerd, part-time music nerd, and all around geek.


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