Time Crunched Costume Making

Jacqueline SkellingtonIt’s that time of year where the candy is everywhere, the horror movies are on the TV, and the costumes are taken out for a spin. If you have your costume or you are buying one, you probably have no worries. Unfortunately, with only a week away from Halloween, if you have an urge to make something or have no clue what to be, you may worry it’s too late. Never fear, there are always quick ways to get costumes together.

I enjoy making costumes, but I also am the kind of person who enjoys wearing as many as I can. This means, quick, easy, cheap costumes that won’t take more than the few hours I usually have between the idea and the event. That being said, I wanted to share some tips on how to make a quick costume for any events you might want to go to.
Ordering things online is probably not the way to go about it. Not this close to Halloween festivities. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t go and buy parts of a costume. If you have time to paint or sew, you can choose a fairly elaborate costume.
Accessories are the easiest way to take an ordinary outfit and turn it into a costume. The picture you saw is me dressed as a female version of Jack Skellington. I enjoy the character so much that when I acquired a dress that resembled his outfit, creativity sparked. Everything I had in my closet worked for the outfit, all I had to do was buy face makeup, a pair of white gloves, and a bow. Modifications were also made by simply cutting out a bat design from fabric and embroidering white stitches into it.
This is what I find to be the best part: simple doesn’t mean it can’t look awesome. You can make a lot of costumes by simply buying face paint and dragging an outfit out of your closet.
1. Look through your wardrobe with characters in mind
2. Choose an outfit you’re comfortable in
3. Don’t wear anything that may offend someone
4. Don’t worry too much on accuracy
5. Adopt the attitude of your character
6. Have fun!
Remember, you can also see if any of your friends or family has anything you can borrow. Checking places like Goodwill work fantastically too. You can make outfits like Nikola Tesla, a pirate, or maybe a generic prince or princess costume. I created Belle one year with a few shirts I had and a cloak of a friends which we used as a skirt. There are plenty of options – just have to get creative! That’s the fun part of this whole thing. I’ve seen people dressed up as a galaxy wearing a shirt from Hot Topic and leggings. Set limits for yourself and what you know you’ll be able to accomplish in a short time. Of course, you never know what you can create if you set your mind to it.
Check out these websites and sources for more hints on how to make quick costumes. We also have a selection of D.I.Y. books for decorations and other helpful tips.

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