Every month, we have wonderful displays to draw people’s attention to the variety of books in our collection. Beatlemania!This month, one of the displays is called “Traveler’s Tales: England” and has several pop culture items along with books about England in general. The item that caught my eye besides a miniature Tardis was a book about the Beatles. Of course, as many know, this year marks the 50th anniversary of when the Beatles arrived in America. So, as an avid fan of the band, I decided to take this opportunity to write about them.

I am a bit late on the uptake when it comes to the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles. The anniversary refers to when they arrived in America on February 7th, 1964. The band was greeted by around 3,000 screaming fans that had already become part of Beatlemania. I for one can only call this reaction fangirling: a case of too many feelings coming out in screams and the want to kiss the creators of magic. The Beatles created magic with their songs. They influenced other bands such as Queen, U2, Deep Purple, R.E.M., The Beach Boys, Green Day, Nirvana, Radio Head, and Imagine Dragons to create more magic. That might be a tad bit fangirling of my own, but it happens.

Even looking through lists of songs or articles for this blog, music coursed through my veins. Now, their history is known. Well enough known that doing anything but gushing about their magnificence is redundant. Let’s just focus on some interesting facts that I just happened upon, because facts are cool. Unless it’s about how fast I’m typing right now or how long I’ve sat in this chair.

Now, I already told you about the list of bands that were influenced by the Beatles. Let me tell you about the songs that blasted on the radio and flew off the shelves. They had 12 in all on the US chart. They’ve also kept at least 2 singles holding the top spot on the 100 from 1964 until they broke up in 1970. On April 4th 1964, the Beatles made it to the top of the charts – all 5 slots of the Billboards top 100.

1: Can’t Buy Me Love (Capitol)

2: Twist And Shout (Tollie)

3: She Loves You (Swan)

4: I Want To Hold Your Hand (Capitol)

5: Please Please Me (Vee Jay)

The group has over 250 songs in existence that they wrote and recorded. Also, Lennon has a weird thing about the number 9 I found out. It probably has to do with the fact that he was born on October 9th 1940 and his son was born the same day in 1975. (See source about ’20 things you did not know’ at the bottom of the page for more on that one, it’s great).

Just random and interesting facts I found on a beloved band. You’ll probably read another fangirling blog around Freddie Mercury’s Birthday because Queen is my favorite band. As for now, check out the many books we have on the more extended history of the Beatles. 500 words wouldn’t do it justice.



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