Bellevue University Library links now available on Google Scholar


Starting this month, several Bellevue University databases will be accessible through the Google Scholar search interface. These resources are identified by a “Full-text @ Bellevue” link, located to the right of the record in the Google Scholar search results.

While on campus, these links to Bellevue University Library holdings are automatically visible. To make these links visible while searching off-campus, Bellevue University Library links need to be manually enabled.

A new Google Scholar LibGuide is available that features a detailed walk through on enabling library links, as well as offering search tips for Google Scholar. This guide is available online at

Library Link Example

Library Link Example

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is an academic search engine from Google. Historically, Google has often been discouraged as a primary research tool. Although capable of quickly retrieving seemingly-limitless amounts of information, Google is not always accurate or legitimate.

There is no guarantee that a Wikipedia article hasn’t been vandalized by internet pranksters, or that the glowing reviews of the new pizza place weren’t actually written by the business’ owner. The internet, by design, gives everyone the ability to publish information with or without proper editing, fact-checking, peer-review, or basic quality control.

Google Scholar, launched in 2006, sought to bring a simpler and faster ‘Google-like’ experience to academic and scholarly research. Google Scholar search results are partially pulled from open-source academic journals that don’t require a library database subscription.

Although many items don’t require a subscription, many more are ‘locked’ behind paywalls and require a subscription to view. Enabling Bellevue University Library links will ‘unlock’ some of these pay-walled articles, allowing the user to access them through the Bellevue University Library.

To enable the “Full-text @ Bellevue” Library links, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to
2. Click the “Gear” settings icon at the top of the page.
3. Click “Library Links”
4. Search for Bellevue University and select the check-mark box next to the search result.
5. Click “Save”

Bellevue University Library links should now be available from off-campus.
Please note that Google Scholar is not meant to replace the Bellevue University Library databases for scholarly research. It is simply another tool available to discover high-quality sources, and a good starting place for exploratory research.

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