So You Speak a Foreign Language

Okay, so most of us have taken a foreign language as it was a requirement in high school. We each selected our language choice for varying reasons- some of us searched out the easiest path, others selected a language rooted in their cultural past, and still others made their decision based on future careers. Then we all attended classes doing our best to learn this new and foreign way of communicating with one another;  this undertaking came easy to some and was very challenging to others. Some of us completed only the number of years required to fulfill this graduation requirement while others embraced and pursued this alternate method of communication to its fullest. When you think back to your experience with learning, speaking, and understanding a new language it will be with either fondness or with disdain.

So now let’s jump ahead and consider some of the students who attend Bellevue University, each with a distinctively different background and cultural environment.  Imagine having to assimilate into a new community facing a diverse population while having to quickly learn, speak, and understand a foreign language. This situation would leave many feeling like a fish out of water, but yet, the students’ desire to learn and create a better life for themselves and their families drives them to overcome their fear.

That’s something to think about the next time you meet a student from other country–maybe considering the communication barriers and the fearlessness of the individual you will be better able to assist and welcome them to the Bellevue University community.

If you are a student with the ability to read, understand, and write a foreign language, you should consider checking out the New York University Foreign Language Proficiency tests to earn college-level credit for what you already know.  Contact the Test Center at or take a look at:

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