Start 2013 by Setting Your Goals

The students have returned from their holiday breaks after enjoying some well-deserved relaxation with the family and friends.  Now is the time to refocus on your classes while looking ahead to your goals for the New Year 2013.

Do I hear you saying what goals?  I don’t make goals or New Year resolutions! Well, maybe you do actually make goals – but perhaps you refer to your goals in another way – say you call them decisions or plans for your present and future desires.  Maybe you should consider the hallmark of goal making: SMART goals.

A SMART goal allows you to create a goal that has the potential to drive you to successful completion.  In short, a SMART goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound.  This method of goal setting provides you with the opportunity to develop a clear path for success!

You should also consider taking a look at the books available in the library. For example:













There are also books available online through the library. For example:

Now, you are not only prepared to develop your goals, but you are also ready to successfully complete them!  Start your journey today!

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