Getting to Know the Library Staff – Margie McCandless, Reference Support Specialist

It is that time of the month for a new post for our ongoing article series which focuses on getting to know some of the Bellevue University Library staff through a few interview questions. This month we are going to meet Margie McCandless, Reference Support Specialist.

How did you get your start at Bellevue University?

“By chance I read an article in the Omaha World Herald about Bellevue University’s growth. At the same time I was looking for a library job and noticed there was an opening at the Bellevue University Library and knew it would be a good place to work.”

What led you to libraries?

“I have always been interested in libraries. I worked in a library all throughout high school and college, which led me to pursue a BS in Education and Library Science. Since then I have worked in public, school, and now academic libraries.”

Tell us something about your role in the library that most people here wouldn’t know but should know about.

“I am responsible for maintaining the library’s BUILD IT tutorial and I am currently in the process of converting it to a new technological platform.”

If you could meet any famous person (alive or dead), who would it be and what would you ask them?

“Mother Theresa – I’d ask her how she managed to keep going day after day under such awful conditions when we have trouble putting up with life’s little irritations.”

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