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Leaders’ Guide to Storytelling : Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative by Stephen Denning.
“Stories are trapdoors, escape hatches, portals through which we can expand our lives and learn about other worlds. They offer guideposts to what is important in life. They generate meaning. They embody our values. They give us the clues from which we can discover what ultimately matters. In the past five years, I have learned much from studying both the power and the limits of storytelling. I am happy to have the opportunity to share those learnings here with you.”
p xi.
IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication : A Guide to Internal Communication, Public Relations, Marketing, and Leadership (2nd Edition)
Gillis, Tamara
“Organizational communication as a profession is relatively young when compared to other business disciplines, tracing it roots back less than 100 years. But as current world events such as the Toyota recalls and government buy – outs of American auto manufacturers have shown, it is a valuable, serious, and essential business component that is necessary for organizations to thrive, grow, and sustain misfortunes.” P. xi

Highway infrastructure and the economy : Implications for federal policy
Shatz, Howard J. “The U.S. government has at times promised investment in highway infrastructure on the belief that it contributes to economic growth. However, the economic effects of highway infrastructure remain a matter of debate. Politicians and policy analysts are today considering a major new U.S. transportation bill within an environment of shared concern about federal deficit reduction and reluctance to increase taxes. This monograph informs the debate by reviewing the literature on the effects of highway infrastructure on the economy and drawing conclusions from this evidence regarding the future federal role in highway policy.” P. iii

The Value of talent : Promoting talent management across the organization
Caplan, Janice. “The aim of this book is not just to add to the debate on talent management but also to provide HR practitioners and business leaders with sound practical advice for workable and innovative solutions. Many of my ideas represent new ways of doing things; many others have been done before. However, when all of them are taken together, I believe they amount to a new approach to managing people and organizations that suits our times and that is essential for long-term business survival in a rapidly changing world.” P.ix

The Fair trade revolution by Bowes, John. “This book provides an insightful and important analysis of the development of the fair trade movement worldwide, built around the experiences and perspectives of several of the key individuals who led the way.” P. vii

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