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Library’s on Display
Library display cases jazz up the library environment and draw attention to their resources. “”Grab them and stop them” is the general rule of the display,” according to Kristin Roehrig’s article in the magazine Indiana Libraries, “The attraction of the display should be immediate.” (2007) Roahrig, K.
“Displays can be used to highlight the dark corners, the neglected, the otherwise obscure gems,” according to Alan Jacobsen, librarian at Oak Park (Ill.) Public Library. Jacobson, A. (2012).

The staff at Bellevue University Library take turns creating the monthly display. We usually get our ideas from seasonal themes and events or to promote a library service such as BUILDIT. Some of the tips and tricks we have learned over the years is to use a variety of items, arrange items at different levels, work from the center of the display out, use humor, gear display for our audience, do not overcrowd the books, and use a colorful banner or sign to bring the theme into focus. Even though we use books and dvds in the display, they are still available for checkout if anyone is interested.

“Finding a display to keep interest can be a difficult challenge” according to Roehrig. “A display must be arranged in such a way as to catch a patron’s eye, much like art work. Small items can also spice up a display, making it more appealing to patrons.”

Many of our ideas come from Chase’s Calendar of Events: The Ultimate Go-to Guide for Special Days, Weeks and Months (REF GT4803 .C48 2012). We also have traditional displays that repeat every year, such as, National Library Week, Christmas/Hanukkah holiday, Black History Month, and Banned Book Week.

Some interesting displays from the past year include Jacques Cousteau‘s Birthday, Celebrate Audiobooks, History of Bellevue University, Information Literacy, Hot Tea Month, and National Sports and Physical Fitness Month. These and others can be seen in the Bulletin Board section of the Library Newsletter at We also share photos of the displays on Pinterest along with links to books or objects in the case. To check out some of the library’s social media go to,, and

This month enjoy the Career Coaching Center display along with Banned Book week. You can check out this display case on Bellevue University Library’s Pinterest page:, if you would like to visit the display case virtually!

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