Help! How do I make an intelligent decision about who to vote for?

Where can I find impartial information on current issues?

In case you missed Part I of this installment, here it is. In this installment, we’ll cover three more online resources that you may find useful.

Another self-proclaimed nonpartisan site gathers information to help voters and the public make informed decisions about current issues.  “The Table of Contents” and “The Issues” links contain in-depth factual information about a number of political issues. Comprehensive information drawn from a number of sources is displayed in numerous easy-to-understand charts and graphs. The goal of the site is deep understanding of an issue.

This site was developed to present a logical, balanced discussion on a number of issues.  The site tries to provide reasoned, critical, non-partisan analyses of both sides of an issue.  The reader must decide which side has the stronger points.  Looking at both sides of an issue is especially intriguing and calls for thoughtful weighing of the points.  This site would help develop and exercise critical thinking skills.

Is that rumor true or not?    “I just got an email that the new healthcare proposal includes a provision that we will all be required to be implanted with a microchip.  Is this true?” is a sprawling, general fact-checking site. Covering plenty of ground the site includes government topics as well as rumored information about a specific person.  Receivers of forwarded emails which seem to spread myths can check this site for information about those emails.  Snopes covers politics, politicians, and an assortment of many other current topics.


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