24/7 E-Books on Business, Leadership and Human Cognition

Stone tools and the evolution of human cognition by April Nowell
“Stone tools are among the most distinctive features of the lives and evolution of hominins and, through them, material culture came to play an increasingly important role in the behavior of our ancestors. As a result, material culture and stone tools in particular have given archaeologists a window onto behaviors and lifeways that have long since disappeared.” Pg. 1

Power politics: Political encounters in industry and engineering by FrancisTombs
This book takes a look at the connection between politics and industry by looking at changes in British society after the policies issued by Margaret Thatcher.

Leadership and growth by David W. Brady
“In this book, former policy makers and practitioners reflect on the role of leadership in economic growth. Citing many examples of leaders making decisions that contributed materially to accelerating and sustaining long-term growth, they do not doubt that leadership matters.” Pg. ix

Principles of software development leadership: Applying project management principles to agile software development by Ken Whitaker
“The first chapter presents a rather humorous (but all too true) summary of the seven deadly habits of ineffective software managers. The second chapter, “Organizational Spring Cleaning,” presents basic leadership steps you should take if you have just been promoted or have taken on a position at a different division or company. The remaining chapter in this section, “relating PMBOK Best Practices to Software Development,” introduces Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) concepts that apply to software development leadership.”

Money games : Profiting from the convergence of sports and entertainment
By David M. Carter
This book shows how sports and entertainment are becoming one and the same. The author points out areas of opportunities of growth in the future.

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