Save time and money, take a CLEP or DSST test

Would you like to earn credits for what you already know? Consider taking CLEP or DSST tests.

The Test Center at Bellevue University is a National Testing Center that offers more than seventy (70) CLEP and DSST tests that can be used to obtain college credit. The tests are completed on a computer, and scores are available when the test is finished with the exception of the CLEP College Composition and the DSST Principles of Public Speaking tests.

CLEP Official Study Guide 2011Our CLEP/DSST listing shows the offered tests, the amount of credit you can earn at Bellevue University for specific tests, the required passing scores, and other helpful information. Study guides are available at the Bellevue University Library.

CLEP tests are computer–based and timed for 90 minutes except for the College Composition Exam mentioned above. Exam Descriptions give specific information on knowledge and skills required, as well as study resources. At a glance CLEP fact sheets can be downloaded from the CLEP website for no charge.  For more information consult  the CLEP website:

DSST Official Test Preparation GuideDSST tests are computer–based and are timed for two (2) hours (except for the Principles of Public Speaking Exam mentioned above). Fact sheets give you helpful information on the content of these tests, the number of questions, sample questions, and books recommended for review. For more information consult the DSST site:

Do you want to save time and money by earning college credit for what you already know? 

Contact the Test Center at  Share your CLEP and DSST testing experiences!

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