Ep. 27: The Adpocalypse

MoreThanBooksLogoWelcome to Episode 27 of the “More Than Books” Podcast! Named after the official Bellevue University Library newsletter, each episode features library staff members discussing a topic related to literature, libraries, technology, pop culture, and more. Now available on iTunes!

“More Than Books” Podcast – Ep. 27: The Adpocalypse

Description:  Joel and Colin discuss the ongoing online ‘adpocalypse’ and what this means for social media, internet companies, traditional media, and independent content creators. They offer predictions on what they think the future of free content on the internet will look like, and briefly explore tangents like the impact of social media on the last presidential election and the mental health of full-time YouTubers and streamers.

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Getting to Know… Brandi Bengtson, Circulation Clerk

Welcome to the first interview in the ‘Getting to Know…’ blog series, where I will be interviewing Library staff and learning a little bit more about what makes them tick. For the inaugural post in this series, I’ll be interviewing circulation clerk Brandi Bengtson.

Hi Brandi. Let’s jump right into things–why do you work in a library? I work in a library because I’ve wanted to be surrounded by books from a very early age. Also, I really enjoyed Evelyn in the The Mummy saying ‘I am a librarian!’ As I got older, the desire to help people came along with it. Continue reading

National Pie Day

It’s easy as pie!  That saying is at once both familiar and baffling to many.  To the uninitiated, baking a pie can seem intimidating, even difficult.  However, pie is one of the most popular dishes in America and spans all seasons.  One can literally eat pie for every meal of the day: quiche for breakfast, meat hand-pie for lunch, pot pie for dinner, and classic apple pie for dessert.    What makes pie so appealing?  The simple recipe template provides instant comfort, recognition, and versatility.  It is appropriate for every occasion, and (once the cook gets the basic technique down of course) is, in fact, very easy to prepare.

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No More Bound Journals

In the summer of 2015, the library began one of our first of three major weeding or removal projects, which was the microform collection. In the midst of that, we were getting ready for our next big weeding project, the bound journals. Bound journals are issues of a periodical or magazine that are held together and covered with a particular type of material. Journals are easier to store when the issues are bound but they take up a lot of room. Now that many journals are stored electronically in databases, we decided that there were better things that we could use the bound journal space for. Continue reading

National Thesaurus Day

Have you ever searched for a new word for an existing word? Or, wanted to expand your vocabulary? Or, improve your creative writing and/or written and spoken communication skills?  Chances are you probably have used “Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases” at one time or another.  Today is in honor of Peter Mark Roget, the author of this book first published in 1852.  Today is National Thesaurus Day, observed on the day Roget was born in 1779.  Roget had a successful career in medicine prior to retiring; afterwards, he spent the rest of his life devoted to writing this book of synonyms.


Roget’s Thesaurus is one of the most widely used reference books in the English language.  The term thesaurus comes from the Greek word, thesaurus which means treasure or storehouse.  Originally published with 15,000 words, it was arranged into six primary categories:  Existence, relation, quantity, number, and time.  It continues to be published and now features over 230,000 still organized by ideas and concepts

Expanding your vocabulary can have positive health effects as it can help you get ahead in your life and career.  Students and writers who want to improve the quality of their work and avoid repetition should pick one up and take the time to thumb through it.  A quick search of the word “thesaurus” yielded “lexicon,” “vocabulary,” “glossary,” “phrasebook,” “wordlist,” and “dictionary,” just to name a few.

Remember, language is the key to knowledge, and knowledge is power.  Here are some resources you can use to start impressing your family and friends with big, complicated, and fancy sounding words…


Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases by Peter Mark Roget

Bellevue University E-Catalog

National Thesaurus Day Pinterest Page

International Hot and Spicy Food Day

As the weather outside suggests a new Ice Age and extremities gradually take on a concerning blue hue, thoughts might turn to the warming qualities of hot and spicy food. Fittingly, January 16 is International Hot and Spicy Food Day, so today offers the perfect opportunity to contemplate how people across the world have employed their ingenuity to concoct cuisines that quicken the pulse, melt the sinuses, and elicit tears alternating between joy and pain. Continue reading

Small Business Reference Center

One of the core demographics here at the Bellevue University Library are Business students. The Bellevue Library offers many avenues to research pertinent business information.  However, most of our business information relates to large public companies with household names like Wal-Mart or General Electric.  To get the best information on small businesses check out Small Business Reference Center. Continue reading

National Soup Month – Think Outside the Can

What better month than January to celebrate National Soup Month! With much of the country experiencing a deep freeze, a steaming bowl of soup is the natural antidote. Soup is probably as old as cooking itself, warming and nourishing our ancestors for thousands of years, no matter what part of the world they are from.  It is the universal comfort food and every mother’s answer to making a sick child feel better. What makes soup so appealing? Possibly it is just the sheer variety, simplicity, and accessibility of it, a humble food that does not intimidate anyone but rises to every occasion. Continue reading