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The Ups and Downs of Working in the Test Center

The Test Center is a unique place to work.  We have the pleasure of working with a diverse group of individuals including faculty, advisors, staff, and students. 

We are the Bellevue University representatives who help coordinate and schedule tests for all students who are focused on achieving their ultimate goal:  Graduation.

We encounter many different emotions when a student arrives to take a test:

Excitement – because this is the last step before graduation

Frazzled – because this is math or finance or accounting

Frightened – because this test must be passed to succeed

Anxiety – because taking a test can be nerve racking

Joy – because the test has been conquered successfully

We are here to help students when they need to make-up an exam that was missed for any number of reasons.  We just want to provide the student with the test that was missed, so that the student may continue learning and following their path to academic success.

We are here to assist the students who need a test proctor whether it is a local student going on a business trip or a distant student pursuing their education from afar.  We coordinate the testing process with the instructor, the test proctor, and the student to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

We work with the advisors who have students who need a few credits to graduate.  We make the process as easy as possible to reduce the stress of testing.

If you need to make-up a test, need a test proctor, or need credits, just give the Test Center a call at 402-557-7428 or email us at