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1st Appearance: Hulk


Real Name/Alias: Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, Joe Fixit, War, World-Breaker, Doc Green

1st Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #1, May 1962

Place of Origin: United States of America

Profession: Physicist, Rage Monster, Superhero

Affiliations: Avengers, Defenders, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Fantastic Four, Pantheon, Warbound

Partnerships: Rick Jones

Created by: Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby Continue reading

1st Appearance: Black Widow

Black Widow

Real Name/Alias: Natalia Alianovna Romanova (Natasha Romanoff), Natalie Rushman, Laura Matthers, Mary, Farrell, Oktober, Yelelna Belova, Madame Natasha

1st Appearance: Tales of Suspense #52, April 1964

Place of Origin: Russia (USSR)

Profession: Villain, Superhero, Secret Agent

Affiliations: S.H.I.E.L.D., Avengers, Champions, KGB, Marvel Knights, Mighty Avengers, Lady Liberators, Thunderbolts, Secret Avengers, Heroes for Hire

Partnerships: Captain America, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier

Created by: Stan Lee, Don Rico, and Don Heck Continue reading

1st Appearance: Deadpool


Real Name/Alias: Wade Winston Wilson, Merc with a Mouth, Regenerating Degenerate, etc.

1st Appearance: New Mutants #98, February 1991

Place of Origin: Canada

Profession: Mercenary, Superhero?

Affiliations: X-Force, X-Men, Weapon X, Thunderbolts, S.H.I.E.L.D., etc.

Created by: Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. Continue reading

Journal Review: Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is a venerable sport publication that has been in print since August 1954.  As its title states, it is best known for the famous photography that adorns every issue.  Sports Illustrated is also well known for its annual Swimsuit issue.

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1st Appearance: Star-Lord


Real Name/Alias: Peter Jason Quill

1st Appearance: Marvel Preview #4, January 1976

Place of Origin: Missouri, Earth (1st Appearance claims Ohio)

Profession: Superhero

Affiliations: Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity Watch, Ravagers, Shi’ar Imperial Guard, United Front

Created by: Steve Englehart and Steve Gan Continue reading

1st Appearance: The Lizard

The Lizard

Real Name/Alias: Curtis “Curt” Connors

1st Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #6, November 1963

Place of Origin: Florida, Earth

Profession: Genetic Biologist, U.S. Army Surgeon

Affiliations: Sinister Six and Sinister Twelve

Created by: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Continue reading

1st Appearance: Loki


Real Name/Alias: Loki Laufeyson

1st Appearance: Journey into Mystery #85, October 1962

Place of Origin: Jotunheim, Asgard

Profession: God of Lies and Mischief, God of Evil

Affiliations: Acts of Vengeance, Cabal

Created by: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby Continue reading

1st Appearance: Hawkeye


Real Name/Alias: Clinton Francis “Clint” Barton, Ronin, and Goliath

1st Appearance: Tales of Suspense #57, September 1964

Place of Origin: Waverly, Iowa, United States

Profession: Carnival Attraction, Adventurer

Affiliations: Avengers, Defenders, West Coast Avengers, and the Thunderbolts

Created by: Stan Lee and Don Heck Continue reading