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SAGE Business Cases

The Bellevue University Library possesses several excellent business related databases. Many students simply head over to Business Source Complete and receive some of the information in the business field of study, but this database may get you over the hump on your next research assignment: SAGE Business Cases. Continue reading

Small Business Reference Center

One of the core demographics here at the Bellevue University Library are Business students. The Bellevue Library offers many avenues to research pertinent business information.  However, most of our business information relates to large public companies with household names like Wal-Mart or General Electric.  To get the best information on small businesses check out Small Business Reference Center. Continue reading

Value Line Investment Research

Business information is always useful for business and business related students. The Bellevue University Library has a very strong collection of business based databases.  If you are looking for a lesser known but no less helpful database with a strong investment element, we suggest you check out the database, Value Line Investing Research. Continue reading

DemographicsNow Database

If you are searching for a new and exciting form of data that can really take your business research to the next level by emphasizing trends found in demographic information from the United States, look no further than the database, DemographicsNow. Continue reading

Mango Languages

MangoAs our country becomes more multicultural you may feel the need to need to better understand the many of the world’s languages. If you find yourself wanting to know more about different languages the library has the database for you, Mango Languages. Continue reading

Legislative History LibGuide

Legislative HistoryOn January 20, 2017, the United States of America swore a new president into office to lead the executive branch of its government.  With a new president from a different party than the previous, a brand new legislative agenda will be pursued on Capitol Hill.  A few weeks ago we witnessed a big dust up in Congress over how to replace the Affordable Care Act, a major legislative achievement for the former administration which the current administration would like to see changed drastically.  To access the history of the legislative measures the United States has debated since its founding, the best place to look is the LibGuide “Legislative History.” Continue reading

US Newsstream

US NewsstreamWhen working on topical research projects, you want the most up to date information from the most respected news agencies.  If you find yourself struggling to find exactly what you need, try using the database, US Newsstream. Continue reading